The Hut Group is a global leader in health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle and is home to some world's best brands Myprotein, lookfantastic and more. Founded to create an e-commerce system that supports multiple retailers, THG now delivers a proprietary platform used to manage over 100 websites — all built, traded and marketed in-house.


With the development of business in European market, a leading UK global fashion retailer, the Hut Group from the beginning of 2017 was looking for the French local partners that could help them engage with a wider audience and generate more revenue. Based its outstanding solutions, large number of users and smooth user experience, eCentime was chosen from a number of competitors as a key strategy partner of The Hut group in French market. In mid-2017, eCentime ushered in a new challenge, based on its big data analysis and in-house algorithm, help The Hut group in French summer discount season to achieve excess profits and ROI.


Based on large data and in-house developed products recommendation algorithm, eCentime could send users their browsed products or potential purchase products. Through this accurate, large-scale, one-on-one product recommendation, eCentime can help partners to bring a lot of high-quality traffic, to achieve the expected ROI.

As for the fast moving customer characteristics for beauty and light luxury, eCentime can be manually set up a single product promotion ads for a specific product to enhance the product visibility, to enhance the click rate and conversion rate.

The in-house developed products recommendation algorithm based on consumer behavior data analysis can help partners to realize the best-selling, the highest probability of trading products and also enhance customers to buy the products non-browsed.


During the French summer discount season in 2017, eCentime helped The Hut Group to achieve orders in French market increased by 8 times over the same period last year, ROI higher than the same period last year 6 times and new products recommended sales accounted for more than 65,58%.