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Storytelling and UGC


An online presence on Chinese social medias is essential for a good brand awareness and image. We can help you increase your online presence:



We communicate about your brand’s story and universe to your customers through content created and shared on our own channels, bringing you exposure and increasing your impressions.

Users generated content (UGC).

One of the strongest channels in China: customers purchase their products, write posts and share photos about their experience.

We help you increase your brand awareness and image creating relationships with KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) and develop your sales.

personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations


To use efficiently our extensive follower base on social medias and user-base on our app eCentime, we developed our own data analysis softwares and paired it with AI to better understand who our users are and what they like.


We combined the results of these analyses with our knowledge of the Chinese market and its purchasing behavior to anticipate the trends and the demand for different products to push our users at the right time and increase your sales

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Studies made in a collaboration with Paris SUD University highlighted that developing sales and brand image and awareness to the Chinese overseas communities increase your influence in China.

The strength of this influence can be summed up through this equation*

Influence(1,3)= C+(1-C) x A x B

= 0.4 + 0.6 x 0.5 x 0.2

= 0.4 + 0.06

= 0.46


* These values are extracted from a research paper made through a collaboration between eCentime and Paris Sud University. Values are however purely indicative and depend on the campaigns’ features (duration, strategy selected…).


Drive to store with geolocation


Our app helps the users find out at any moment where the closest partner shops are, ranked by distance.
This function is used by tourists and members of the Chinese community in Europe willing to create shopping itineraries, and helps you create sales in your stores.

This can be widely enhanced by the creation of exclusive discounts for the users of our app to further develop your sales.

Campaigns are made

Through our network of interrelated channels

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ECentime helps you develop your sales on the Chinese communities living in Europe.

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