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Lancôme’s goal was to develop sales by focusing on the Chinese consumers, including Chinese tourists and the Chinese community in France.


Solution provided

it has been decided to launch a site-wide 25% discount campaign on a 11-day period, that would be shared through eCentime’s channels. The following actions have then been undertaken.

Release of the promotion on the app and the website eCentime, increasing of the visibility of the offer using the “Add-to-top” tool for 4 times

Sending of mobile push notifications to the users of the app and displaying of a mobile homepage banner for two days

Release of the offer on eCentime’s official WeChat moments 

Click increase YOY
Orders increase YOY
Turnover rate increase YOY


Sephora decided to target the Chinese community in France with eCentime.

The goals were:

Reach new qualified customers and develop the brand image and awareness



Creation of a 6-month campaign with eCentime divided in 3 steps:

1) Test phase:

Focus on Sephora’s price-orientation to increase sales. The average basket was about 45% higher than Sephora’s affiliation program.

2) Optimization phase

Development of content, publication of articles, and development of an online community around Sephora on the Chinese social medias.

3) Development phase

Development of Sephora’s events (Valentine’s day, mother’s day, Christmas…) to increase sales.

% higher than the affiliation program's average
(New Customer rate)
% Higher than the affiliation program's average
(Average basket)
Of mobile transactions


The goal was to grow sales and increase its brand awareness among its Chinese customers.


Solution provided

Release of an offer with recommended products on eCentime’s app, website and official WeChat and Weibo accounts.

Launch of mobile and web Push notifications and one-off Add-to-top service on  eCentime’s mobile app and website

New customer rate
Conversion rate


To increase its sales on the long term, Guerlain wished to increase the brand loyalty of its Chinese customers.

Solution provided

Organization of a private shopping evening for personal shoppers and KOLs at Guerlain’s flagship store in Paris.

This event was organized to share powerful positive images from KOLs and personal shoppers to increase their brand loyalty.

Creation of exclusive discounts for the attenders of the Soiree and dedicated access to products customization services.

Results of the campaign

The personal shoppers and KOLs were extremely satisfied of the experience and shared it with their follower-base, increasing the brand image and loyalty of Guerlain.

Of sales during the soiree



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